“Bedtime” From Speaker Peeps ft. Baino Out Today

One the most steadfast members of the Soulsupplement family Speaker Peeps teams up with Neil Baino to kick off the 2015 release schedule. Speaker Peeps continues to hone his craft with each and every release and this time is no different. His decision to partner up with Neil on their “Bedtime” Ep seems to have added a new layer to his already smooth & funky style.

“Bedtime Dream” gets the juices flowing with an overall deep vibe which comes from a straightforward drum track, vocal stabs and subtle keys for the first quarter of the track. After the first breakdown the fellas bring in more percussion, a trumpet and a bass line that is subdued but no pushover. A great way to get to night started.

Next up the boys bring in the original mix of “Brake” and we can’t prove that it’s the boss man’s favorite but pretty much everyone in the compound has heard this one coming from Bruno’s whip turned up full blast. Again Speaker Peeps and Neil put down a no nonsense rhythm section and a sweet rolling bass line that always works nicely during sets. The vocal is classic Speaker Peeps and we dig it…we hope you do as well.

“Romancin Who” brings us home with straight up nasty slash. Four on the floor rhythm, a horn section doing work in the background and a few key lines later on in the track provide this grimey gems foundation. On top of the aforementioned foundation Speaker Peeps and Neil lay in a nasty bass line & vocals that steal the show. This one is only for cats that can walk into the roughest of situations and make it out the other side.

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